FonicsPlan Treatment Planning system:
Treatment planning system is the key to modern precise radiotherapy system. FonicsPlan is a comprehensive treatment planning system with total intellectual property right for all kinds of treatment, including 3D conformal and intensity-modulated radiation therapy.
- FonicsPlan adopts molecular dynamics for intensity-modulated radiation therapy for the first time in the world.
- Images of CT, MRI and DICOM 3.0 can be input and processed in FonicsPlan.
- Patient body figure, organs and target volumes can be delineated automatically, semi-automatically or manually. A fast and accurate contour of body shape, tissue and tumor can help clinicians shorten the time of image pre-process.
- Clinicians can directly check the relationship among radiation beam, patient body and target volume, as well as reference dose & absolute dose of any poit, isodose of any section and isodose surface of target volume.
- 3D dose calculation value is compared and verified with measured value by AAPM and ECWG. FonicsPlan also provides accurate 3D image reconstruction and target dose calculation.
- FonicsPlan can be used to create plans for conventional treatment, conformal treatment, X knife and inverse IMRT, ensuring treatment plans smooth delivery and future upgrade for hospitals.

∴ Note: with options, users can choose hardware and software based on their own needs.