SL-IE Radiotherapy Simulator:
Radiotherapy simulator is essential equipment for patient examination and treatment plan design & confirmation before treatment, determining target volume, radiation field and tumor sites by X-ray. SL-IE is a fully digital type of radiotherapy simulator and suitable for modern radiation therapy.
- High isocentric accuracy.
- Providing high resolution images and enhanced fluoroscopy function as well as pincushion images correction function.
- Asymmetric fields simulation technology can be applied to a broad range of patient positioning.
- Main moving parts adopt low-speed start, high-speed running and low speed stop control mode.
- Dual channel data acquisition and display system offers better safety.
- Software integrates image processing system and simulator control system.
- Standard DICOM RT interface can transmit positioning images and data simultaneously.
- Integrated structure ensures high accuracy of gantry and couch positioning alignment.
- CE-marked product and exported to several countries.