SL-IP Radiotherapy Simulator with Dynamic Panel Detector:
SL-IP raplaces conventional image intensifier system with large-field amorphous silicon flat panel, providing digital and high resolution images as excellent as films, and performing precise simulation and treatment verification.
- Integrated control interface is easy to use.
- 43cm X 43cm size panel detector provides the largest view among fellow products.
- With pulsed fluoroscopy, digital spotting, digital radiography, continuous acquisition & playback and automatic exposure control functions.
- SL-IP is able to perform MLC plan design, MU calculation, image registration and plans verification (e.g. MLC position verification).
- Automatic image stitching function ensures simulation and verification for large field.
- Standard DICOM RT interface can receive RT Plan and automatically set machine parameters based on treatment plan parameters.
- SL-IP can receive RT-image (DDR) for positioned image registration.
- RT-image, RT-plan and MLC leaf position can be output.
- With delineated lines & collimator synchronization tracking technique.
- Providing dual anti-collision protection of hardware and software.