Imaged Guided Brachytherapy System:
This system consists of afterloader, isocentric imaging system and precise couch. The application of advanced imaging technique allows clinicians to deliver accurate individualized brachytherapy. Source applicator placing and positioning, data processing, treatment plan design and treatment delivery can be all accomplished on this system, offering shorter treatment times and higher accuracy and safety.
- Unique design ensures one time set-up and direct treatment.
- Two modes of on-site and remote control make it easy to operate.
- Dedicated C arm imaging device can utilize steady slide of C arm to get high isocentric accuracy positioning images.
- The C arm can automatically stop at ± 45° limit, providing orthogonal images for treatment planning.
- On-board laser positioning system can help set up patient on site and ensure high accuracy.
- Motorized couch top can travel longitudinally over 200mm far.
- Pincushion distored images can be corrected before planning, minimizing treatment plan deviation.
- Image stitching solves the problem of small C arm images.